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Introducing the New Watermaker – Innovations on Our Leopard 43, Peregrine

Date: August 23, 2023 Author: Mike Wheatstone Location: St Maarten, aboard our Leopard 43 winter retreat, Peregrine In the last edition, we explored the high-output alternators on Peregrine. Today, we shift our focus to an equally critical enhancement – the integration of a new watermaker. In our Caribbean escapades, while water is accessible on the […]

The Clark pump

Solar Powered Silence With the SolarMaax Watermaker

We are very happy with the SolarMaax. We highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quiet system that uses very little power. We are not employed by, subsidized or sponsored by ElectroMaax. Years ago we bought a 12-volt portable water maker, and while it reliably produced fresh water, its drawbacks soon became […]

Quiet operation Solarmaax marine watermaker

Solarmaax Watermaker – Easy of Operation and Very Quiet Running

We recently received this video and review from one of our customers. We recently completed the installation of our new Solarmaax 10 water maker from Electromaax and I am so happy to report that the system has performed unbelievably well! We are finding that the system consistently produces 8.5 to 9 gallons of water while […]

SolarMaax Watermaker System – First Install by David Smith

Here’s the account of our very first, new for 2021, SolarMaax 10 Watermaker System installed by none other than David Smith, founding partner in Spectra Watermakers: It’s finished, and just in time! The first of its kind, the SolarMaax 10 is now running. Using the Enhanced Clark Pump, it’s making over 10 gallons of drinking water […]

Saber Tooth Alternator and Watermaker Installation

The following project by J&N about their marine water maker installation as they prepared to travel South for the winter aboard their Sabre 42. Following the project details you’ll see pictures of their progress. We have been slowly adding to the cruising capacity of Saber Tooth with canvas, electrical and mechanical system upgrades. As with […]