Saber Tooth Alternator and Watermaker Installation

The following project by J&N about their marine water maker installation as they prepared to travel South for the winter aboard their Sabre 42. Following the project details you’ll see pictures of their progress.

We have been slowly adding to the cruising capacity of Saber Tooth with canvas, electrical and mechanical system upgrades. As with our last alternator, we decided to go to with ElectroMaax again for our power needs.

We ordered a Balmar regulator which arrived nicely packaged and all the parts were well tagged.

The connections of the ElectroMaax 140AMP alternator to the Balmar regulator was where it got a tad confusing, however a short phone call to the ElectroMaax customer support line and things were quickly worked out.

With the alternator and regulator up and running for a week now, it is performing very well and outputting the AMPs that I would expect. Some final program adjustments to the Balmar may be required later as we continue on the learning curve of this regulator.

The water maker went together quite easily as well. We found the biggest challenge was finding the right placement and connection of the components.

We decided to install the pressure vessels on to the top of the cockpit locker tucked out of the way but easily accessible.

The rest of the job was just running the wires and water lines through the boat and since we are still on route to the Sunny South the testing has yet to happen.

With all the components installed and connected we expect to be needing only minor adjustments for the final operation of the AquaMaax water maker. With the new ElectroMaax 140AMP alternator, we expect to run the engine (or our Honda 2000) once a day for about 1 hour in order to achieve 30 gallons of fresh water, and for charging our battery bank on alternating days

Here are some pictures of our progress