Upgrading To A High Output Alternator

boat-in-lakeThis is the review of an alternator upgrade to an Electromaax highout marine alternator.

“I knew I needed to add a high output alternator to recharge the batteries efficiently & there were a few choices available. Our boat has two 4D AGM’S on the house bank & an AGM start battery.”

“I don’t want to name other brands but just focus on the choice I made. I was surfing the internet & found a company whose name hadn’t been thrown at me so I began to investigate the product. That company is Electromaax.”

“When I called I was put through to John Stevens to answer my questions.”

“John came across to me as very excited about their product & probably spent 30 minutes on the phone with me answering my questions & explaining the benefits of their high output alternators.”

“We decided on a 160 amp alternator doing calculations on my battery bank and it’s acceptance rate.”

“My vessel has a 3JH2 Yanmar three cylinder engine & they had not made a serpentine belt pulley system for my motor yet, so I got involved in the engineering aspect & John went to a Yanmar distributor to design the pulley system. He then sent me my alternator set up & a prototype crankshaft pulley to check the fit on my engine.”

“Everything fit perfectly & in about two hours I had the alternator mounted – water-pump & crank pulley installed & the external regulator installed.”

“Two months later we sailed under the Golden Gate bridge & made the left turn south & four years & two weeks later we are still cruising the Sea of Cortez & mainland Mexico.”

“My Electromaax alternator has been powering up my batteries and worked flawlessly the whole time. I check the belt tension regularly and I haven’t had to adjust the belt ever, no black dust – no wear on the belt. Any time I have called with a question Rob has always been able to answer any question I have and spent the necessary time with me .”

“These guys are very personable & build a high quality product and I would recommend them to anyone. I have some good friends whom I have passed along my satisfaction about Electromaax products and have also purchased alternators & they are pleased as well.”

“If anyone out there is cruising or going cruising and has questions please feel free to contact me about Electromaax products.”

Rick Rheingans
S/V Hotel California
Currently in La Paz BCS crossing to the mainland for the winter.