Installing Electromaax 180 AMP Alternator On A Yanmar 4JH4E Engine

Here are some of the photos our customer Michael Stouffer took when installing his new Electromaax 180 AMP alternator onto his Yanmar 4JH4E engine. A process he described as “easy peasy, plus it works like a champ.

Michael’s Step by Step Installation Photos

Electromaax 180a with regulator

Pulleys, belts and intstructions

Remove old alternator

Remove old pulleys

Install new water pump pulley

Apply Tefgel barrier to new pulleys

Install new crankshaft pulley

Mount new Electromaax alternator

Connect the wires

Completed Electromaax installation

Yanmar 4JH4E OEM alternator 3

Yanmar 4JH4E OEM alternator 2

Yanmar 4JH4E OEM alternator 1