Bristol 39 with ElectroMaax Upgrades

Here are some pictures from one of our customers who recently upgraded his Bristol 39 with our Cruiser high output alternator (supplied with a 6 rib pulley to work with his existing serpentine belt system), our E-MAAX PRO external, smart regulator and with two of our new G31 114 lithium batteries. We really like the neat and tidy installation of the E-MAAX PRO regulator and the COM Module PLUS at the Navigation Station and we always like to see labels on wiring to help with the installation and with any future need for identification purposes.

Also, with 30 to 35 amps charging at 800 rpm and 100+ amps at 1,500 rpm the Cruiser 140 amp alternator will easily keep those lithium batteries topped up with the customer stating they only need to run the engine for roughly 1 hour per day to meet their power needs!

Pictures of the Bristol 39 install