Electromaax Product Installation Projects

Leopard 43 Peregrine

Enhancing the Cruising Experience on our Leopard 43 Peregrine

Date: August 9, 2023 Location: St Maarten In our continuous quest to improve the cruising experience aboard our Leopard 43, Peregrine, we’ve implemented several modifications. This edition will focus on the integration of high-output alternators, and our upcoming issue will delve into the addition of a water maker. The Evolution of our Charging System Upon […]

Electromaax alternator

A Powerful New Boat Engine Upgrade

Watch the impressive benefits of Electromaax high output marine alternators, which have revolutionized the way boat owners manage their on-board energy systems. Our alternators offer unparalleled efficiency, allowing for faster battery charging and increased power generation to support all your electrical devices. Experience the freedom of extended cruising and off-grid living knowing Electromaax has you […]

Twin Volvo TMD41A Diesels with ElectroMaax Upgrades

Here’s an install of several Electromaax upgrades to a Nova Marine Trawler with twin Volvo TMD41A diesel engines. As our customer points out there were several challenges with this significant upgrade but well worth it. They did a great job with documenting the upgrade and provided the following information and pictures: Nova Marine Trawler – […]

Picture of the 3YM30 Kit

Lagoon Cat with Yanmar 3YM30 Engines with Serpentine Kit

Here’s an install of an ElectroMaax Yanmar 3YM30 Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kit on a customer’s Lagoon catamaran. After struggling with belt dust from slipping alternator V-betls, especially after upgrading to LiFePO4 batteries when the situation became even worse due to increased current acceptance from the alternators to charge them. Here’s the customer’s experience: Hi guys, […]

Diesel Hacks – Engine maintenance and ElectroMaax Upgrades

Clark from Emily and Clark’s Adventure recently shared a video titled Diesel Engine Hacks in which Clark discusses engine maintenance and some of our products which have been installed on their boat Temptress. Watch the YouTube video and hear first hand from Clark about our Cruiser 140A alternator, Yanmar 4JH5 serpentine pulley kit, belt tensioner […]

Perkins 4.236 with ElectroMaax Serpentine Kit

Here’s an install of our alternator and serpentine pulley kit on a Perkins 4.236 engine using our custom alternator bracket. Background The OEM alternator bracket mounted to the block could no longer be tightened reliably.  The bolts, previously studs, had elongated the holes in the mount. The crank pulley shaft extension drove a second 120A Leece Neville […]

Universal M-25 with an ElectroMaax Serpentine Pulley Kit

The good folks over at New England Marine Service in Rochester, MA sent us this brief video of our Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kit, designed for the Universal M-25 engine, installed and running on the engine. I have successfully mounted your pulleys on my M-25 Universal and they work great.  Here are some pictures of how I […]

Bristol 39 with ElectroMaax Upgrades

Here are some pictures from one of our customers who recently upgraded his Bristol 39 with our Cruiser high output alternator (supplied with a 6 rib pulley to work with his existing serpentine belt system), our E-MAAX PRO external, smart regulator and with two of our new G31 114 lithium batteries. We really like the […]

Yanmar 3JH2E Charging System Upgrade

Recently one of our dealers provided us with photos of a very meticulous installation of an ElectroMaax Super High-Output GenMAAX alternator with a Yanmar 3JH2E serpentine pulley upgrade kit and an E-MAAX PRO Smart, External regulator.  G & B Sports Marine Ltd in Oakville, Ontario Canada completed the installation with ease while paying careful attention to […]

Lagoon 440 with ElectroMaax Electrical Upgrades

Thanks to our customers aboard Deuces for sharing this install video with us. See how easy it is to upgrade your electrical system with our High-Output Alternators, External Smart Regulators and our Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits. Watch the video below and climb aboard Deuces as Jim and Cass talk about their upgrades! Their upgrades include […]


Upgrading To A High Output Alternator

This is the review of an alternator upgrade to an Electromaax highout marine alternator. “I knew I needed to add a high output alternator to recharge the batteries efficiently & there were a few choices available. Our boat has two 4D AGM’S on the house bank & an AGM start battery.” “I don’t want to […]

Installing Electromaax 180 AMP Alternator On A Yanmar 4JH4E Engine

Here are some of the photos our customer Michael Stouffer took when installing his new Electromaax 180 AMP alternator onto his Yanmar 4JH4E engine. A process he described as “easy peasy, plus it works like a champ.“ Michael’s Step by Step Installation Photos Electromaax 180a with regulator Pulleys, belts and intstructions Remove old alternator Remove […]

Installing an Electromaax Alternator in a Beneteau 50 with a Yanmar 4JH3-THE

Our customer has a Beneteau 50 that has a Yanmar 4JH3-HTE 100 horsepower engine with an 80 amp Hitachi alternator. This is the configuration that came with the boat and they wanted to increase the charging capacity of the electrical system. They chose a 140 amp alternator and the serpentine belt kit. The instructions seemed […]

Pulley Kit Installation on a 1998 Yanmar 4LH-STE

Here are the photos a customer took during the installation. The motor is a 1998 Yanmar 4LH-STE, the same as the 4LH-DTE but higher horsepower. According to our customer, this was ‘way too easy. The install took less than 3 hours, including access to the front of the motor and getting back out. The guy […]

Options for Upgrading to 160 AMP Alternator with a Serpentine Belt Kit

Our customer is an engineer, and as you can imagine, prepared several spreadsheets weighing the pros and cons of various alternators and the pulley systems that would work for our purposes. “After talking with John from ElectroMaax at the Annapolis Boat Show in 2010, I decided to contact them to discuss my options for upgrading […]

Adding the Pulley System for the Serpentine Belt and Soft Start Regulator

Since our customer started using our products they have seen a great decrease in issues with the high output alternators. The biggest improvement they see is the pulley system that we’ve developed. Their technicians appreciate the ease and simplicity of the installation. Our serpentine belt and pulley system has eliminated the dust problem, and the […]

Yanmar 3GM30F New Alternator Install

This is a run down of an install of an Electromaax 140 amp alternator, with their 1 inch belt kit and Sterling external regulator. I bought it from them as one of their cruisers packages, and so saved a few dollars on the individual component purchase price. The new pulleys went on quite easy; the […]