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Solarmaax DC/RO Marine Watermaker

Leading Energy Recovery DC/RO Water Maker


The Solarmaax energy recovery D.C. RO water maker is the quietest on the market

Electromaax is a leading manufacturer of energy recovery D.C. RO water makers with a long history in the industry. During this time the use of solar energy has become increasingly prevalent with boating enthusiasts and particularly among serious cruisers.

In response to this growing trend, we’ve developed an RO watermaker that utilizes minimal energy while producing high-quality drinking water through the use of advanced 21-inch membranes. This innovative solution addresses the growing demand for efficient and reliable water-making systems that are powered by renewable energy sources.

For 12 years, Electromaax has been manufacturing D.C. water makers. In that time Solar has become the primary source of energy for most serious cruisers. What was needed was a high output water maker that used the minimum for energy while maintaining the highest quality drinking water that the 21” membranes achieve.

Lithium batteries allow a cruiser to carry vast amounts of energy that their solar can replenish days later. Combine solar, Lithium and super high output alternators of today and energy availability on a boat has progressed to levels we could not imagine just a few years.

The Solarmaax uses the hydraulic Clark Pump intensifier and energy recovery device that sets a new industry standard for maximum efficiency. By using a low pressure feed pump, the Clark Pump is able to provide the necessary pressure for reverse osmosis to occur while consuming up to 75% less energy than previous conventional systems. It recycles the energy and boosts the low pressure feed water up to 800 PSI (55 Bar). The Clark Pump is made of modern composites and engineered plastics, ensuring long-lasting, reliable very performance.

As a result, our engineers set about making a line of water makers that could first be the most energy efficient on the market. Our clients wanted something that could utilize their solar especially on days when their solar topped off their batteries early. On bad weather days they run their Electromaax alternator to achieve the same result.

Key Benefits & Features

Super energy efficient

The enhanced Clark pump uses Titanium return tubes and annular rings. This allows an additional 28% of increased PSI, which in turn translates to more product water for every watt consumed. The Aquatec Boost/feed pumps is also more energy efficient than any comparable pump with two heat sinks enabling greater heat dissipation. Super low power consumption enables you to run the system off solar or batteries.

Compact Lightweight

The use of one or multiple 21” Filtec membranes over 40” not only reduces the TDS (water Quality) significantly, but also substantially reduces the size, weight and footprint of every SolarMaax R/O water maker. The titanium return tubes have also enable us to reduce the Delrin content and is way lighter than the original stainless steel versions, still found on other Clark pumps today.

Super quiet (see video below)

We replaced the original stainless-steel return tubes that makes the original Clark pump 27.25” long with Titanium ones that DO NOT extend past the pump. This allowed us to extend the cylinders from 8” to 10.2” while keeping the length to only 24.4” The 20% increase in piston stroke radically reduces the noise. We added 8 316 stainless steel studs to substantially reduce or eliminate ‘cylinder stretch” an inherent problem with the original Clark pump, this too contributes to noise reduction (see video)

Low maintenance

The enhancements above have substantially reduced vibration, noise, increase the piston stroke, eliminated bends in the return tubes, replaced plastic and Stainless steel with Titanium components, cylinder Stretch is down 98% (the cylinder actually bends which in turn bends the piston rod, not an issue until you calculate this event happening many thousand times in the pumps life. The very quiet and high performance boost/feed pump is the most reliable on the market today. Every single component except the cylinder is made at our Factory in Canada. This gives us total control of the quality control.

Higher production water QUALITY produced per gallon processed. It is a known fact that the 21” membrane is generating a much lower TDS than the 40” equivalent. The lower energy needed to push one Gallon (3.72 litres) across the membrane also increases water quality.

Accommodates multiple water maker configurations from 10 -80 GPH

*Trade customers please contact Support for special options and trade policies

Solarmaax Reviews

Average rating: 4.8 Based on 5 reviews

"I'm Absolutely Delighted with the System’s Performance"

★★★★★ by

I recently completed the installation of the Electromaax Solarmaax 10 water maker on our 1989 Ericson 380-200, a perfect cruising boat for my wife, cat, and I'm absolutely delighted with the system’s performance. Not only does it consistently produce 8.5 to 9 gallons of clear water while consuming less than 110 watts of power, but it also provides an almost limitless supply of water. This is especially beneficial given our limited 25-gallon water tank and high daily water consumption.

One significant advantage is that it has simplified our daily routines. We no longer have to make a 15-20 minute dinghy ride to Avalon to fill jugs for topping off the tank. Now, we just turn on the device during showers or boat washing, allowing it to replenish the used water while keeping the tank full. With its quiet operation, the device just runs efficiently in the background, shutting off only when water comes out of the tank vent.

Even on cloudier days, our Electromaax 250 amp alternator attached to the Westerbeke is available to quickly top off the batteries and provide hot water. A dedicated Victron smart shunt for the water maker makes tracking usage easy.

My gratitude goes out to John Stevens and his team at Electromaax for their exemplary support and system design assistance. I also appreciate Peter Kennedy at PKYS Inc. for guiding our ship’s electrical system and helping us ensure a safe and ABYC compliant installation. All in all, the Solarmaax 10 water maker has revolutionized our boating experience.

5/ 5 stars

"It Runs Like a Charm"

★★★★★ by

You will no doubt remember our puzzling through the use of an electric motor off the inverter to operate the watermaker. We have been getting ready for offshore and you will be happy to know it works like a charm. We run the engine to replenish the electrons (as well as the water).

Leonard Rodrigues Architect AIBC, AAA, FRAIC, RPP


5/ 5 stars

"Very Simple, Powerful and Reliable Watermaker"

★★★★ by

Along with using our main engine for battery charging, we installed an Solarmaax engine driven watermaker. Very simple, powerful and reliable watermaker. If you need to run your engine to charge batteries, you are making lots of water, free!

4/ 5 stars

"I Highly Endorse These Units Based On My Experience"

★★★★★ by

I purchased an Electromaax 30 GPH 110 volt watermaker. I wanted that one for the simple reason it could be operated on a Honda 2000 generator if my boat generator failed. I cruise in remote areas of the Bahamas and am dependent on my watermaker. There is little support to have things fixed if you have issues. (unless you have deep pockets). The Electromaax watermaker was relatively easy to install by myself with excellent phone support. It was installed in Florida.

5/ 5 stars

"To The Maax!"

★★★★★ by

I installed a 160A alternator on a Yanmar 4-cylinder turbo-charged motor. It is still chugging along, exceeding my expectations for reliability and performance. At the same time, I installed a Solarmaax watermaker. The instructions were more than sufficient. I added an enhanced control panel for flushing etc. using standard plumbing fittings. Then, I switched it on. I expected a trickle. Instead, drinking water streamed from the tap, filling a 5-gallon bucket in a matter of a few minutes. Nine years latter it is still outperforming—to wit, my last test was 114 ppm, better than what comes out of most marina taps—admittedly the seawater was chilly. Other than regular back-flushing, topping up oil, and changing pre-filters, it has been maintenance free.

5/ 5 stars

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