Solarmaax World 340GPD Compact 12/24 Volt Marine Watermaker


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  • Extremely quiet
  • Super High output Product Water
  • Highest quality drinking water
  • Compact with dual 21″ Membrane
  • Auto Flush and Timed Re-Flush
  • Remote Panel With gauges and Control Switches
  • Can Operate In a Wider Range of Seawater Temperature and Salinity
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Very easy to install electrically and mechanically even for the DIY
  • Super lightweight
  • Most energy efficient water maker to date, 10 D.C. amps at 12 Volts generates 340 Gallons Per Day
  • No proprietary consumables
  • Military-grade components utilizing Titanium components in critical areas allowing higher pressure resulting in higher output
SKU: WM-340GPD-World-Compact-12V-1


Introducing the Solarmaax 340GPD (gallons per day) / 1,287 LPD (liters per day) World 12/24 V marine watermaker, designed specifically for boat and yacht owners who need to maximize space and efficiency without compromising on the quality of their water supply. This model is an exceptional choice for budget-conscious cruisers seeking both energy efficiency and high-volume output.

The Solarmaax is world renowned for its lightweight design, ease of installation and maintenance, and its durability and reliability. It features versatile diaphragm feed pumps that can be utilized either alone for enhanced efficiency or in tandem for greater water output. The entire system boasts an advanced hydraulic enhanced Clark Pump intensifier and energy recovery device, continually pushing the boundaries for watermaking efficiency.

Thanks to its remarkably low energy consumption, this watermaker can be operated using solar power, wind energy, or any high-output Electromaax marine alternator. Its enhanced Clark pump’s elongated cylinders ensure the quietest operation across the watermaker market. Complete with a full installation kit, handheld salinity sensor, automatic flushing system, and a product sample valve, this system is ready to deliver superior quality drinking water using 2 x 21” membranes, tailored to the needs of serious cruisers who prioritize minimal energy use and maximum output.

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Electromaax has a full 12 month limited warranty on ALL its enhanced Clark pumps. Other companies can charge more than $1,600.00 U.S.D for a rebuilt older Clark pump (under warranty more if out of warranty) and as high as $3,900.00 plus tax and shipping for a new one.

If properly maintained most Clark pump intensifiers will last decades, however sometimes though various circumstances beyond the owners control, they may need rebuilding. Electromaax now offers a 9 year extension for just $887.00 USD plus shipping both ways. This warranty extension is a type of insurance against forgetting to flush when left for months or years.

Electromaax Enhanced Clark Pump Warranty Rebuild Exchange Program

Have your Electromaax, high pressure “Enhanced Clark Pump” rebuilt or even exchanged by The Electromaax Factory.

Exchange program process 12 or 24 volt systems

– Once you receive a RMA, please Send us your enhanced Clark Pump to either Electromaax Canada or USA address

The factory will send you out at their discretion a rebuilt OR new pump. You only pay the shipping from either location back to you. The current turnaround time is 72 hours after receipt of your unit and acceptance that it meets the warranty conditions.

– The exchange pumps are in stock and as long as your returned Enhance Clark pump is 100% intact with no missing components. (if there are missing components the factory will quote fitting new ones)

– We will help you with any questions/concerns you may have when reinstalling the enhanced Clark pump.

For clients that are out of warranty, or not covered by any extended warranty we can rebuild or exchange any enhanced Clark pump for $1,555.00 USD (time of writing May 2023) this price may change without warning. The client pays any duties and taxes plus the shipping both ways.

Your Enhanced Clark pump MUST be 100% intact with no missing components, if you’re sending it in for rebuilt or even exchange. Again if there are missing components we will quote installing replacement ones.


The warranty is voided by, but not limited to the following:

  • Using chemicals not supplied by or certified by Electromaax
  • Improper installation or operation
  • Be 100% intact with no missing components
  • You can only return the unit twice in the 9 year period

If you have any questions or concerns about the standard or extended 9-year Extended warranty of your system please contact us.