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Cruiser High-Output Marine Alternators

More Electricity is Available When You Need It

The Cruiser at a Glance

  • Plug and Play Installation: ElectroMaax alternators are 99% plug and play when used with the E-MAAX Smart, Pro X External Regulator - minimizing rewiring and optimizing charging efficiency.
  • Diverse Mounting Options: Available in four mounts including saddle and foot mount, catering to various marine engine types.
  • Multiple Output Choices: Offers models ranging from 70 amps to 160 amps, suitable for different power requirements.
  • Serpentine Belt Conversion Recommendation: Conversion to a multi-groove (serpentine) belt for amperages over 100 amp, reducing belt dust and engine noise.
  • Enhanced Power Supply: Designed for recreational cruisers, these small-case alternators (100 amp to 160 amp) ensure ample power for onboard electronics and appliances.
  • High-Efficiency Charging: The Cruiser series (100-160 amp) provides high-output charging, ideal for short and long cruises, delivering high amps at idle and cruising RPM.
  • Smart Voltage Regulation: The E-MAAX Smart, External voltage regulator for optimal control, with a built-in backup internal regulator.

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