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The Technologically Advanced E-Maax Pro X Smart Regulator

Extend the Life of Your Batteries


The PRO X utilizes current, voltage and temperature to deliver the most precise and effective charging possible for 12V and 24V battery systems – with configurability for voltages in between – making it the perfect solution for charging lead acid based or LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery banks.

Uniquely designed to be configured via easy-to-use WI-FI USI or can be connected to a PC to provide more features. Also has remote support available through these connections.

The Pro X is NMEA 2000 Certified and is plug and play connectivity. It broadcasts the alternator voltage, current and temperature as well as the engine RPM to NMEA network.

The PRO X can be connected to a current shunt to monitor current flow to and from the batteries, enabling the regulator to control charging based on a combination of system voltage and amperage delivered from the alternator to the batteries.

In addition, the PRO X can also monitor alternator and battery temperatures and modify charging output to ensure optimal safety and charging performance at the alternator and batteries.

The regulator’s auto-detect function identifies system voltage and automatically adjusts charging to support 12V and 24V profiles. Default profiles for six battery types can be configured at the regulator. Selectable profiles include programs for standard and deep cycle flooded lead acid, standard and high-density AGM batteries, Gel, and generic LiFePO4. Two profiles allow for the flexibility to customize profiles with a PC.

The PRO X can be used with different polarity alternators by selecting the appropriate N-Type or P-Type regulator setting. Wiring harnesses are equipped with high-quality connectors and provide all connections for basic operation, as well as dedicated connection wires for voltage and current sensing.

Smart Technologically Advanced Alternator Charge Control

The Pro X charges your batteries using six critical inputs Voltage, Current, Engine RPM, system loads, battery, and alternator temperature.  The result is the optimum protection for your batteries/alternator and DC system. In short, the best value, ultimate quality, and superior charging performance.

Ultimate support for Lead Acid, Gel, Lead Carbon plus all Lithium Battery technologies

  • Factory engineered profiles.
  • Multiple Configuration tools including PC and WIFI USI
  • The PRO x supports all systems from 12 to 24 Volt.

NMEA Certified, Critical to operator monitoring from the helm or Nav station.

  • True NMEA not a work around
  • Critical charging information displayed on your chart Plotter, Phone, or other device.

Remote assistance over the internet from the factory or installation engineer

  • If there is WIFI available, we can assist or even change settings anywhere on the globe.
  • Advanced Multi-PID engine control insures the most accurate charging to date.
  • Regulates on six inputs including voltage AND current.
  • 50% Field (output) remote switch used when the bulk of the engine HP is needed for the prop(s).

Automatic “Small Engine” output to match Recommended NM Available

Engines under 40 HP have limited NM (Newton Meters) available due to bearing side load.  The Pro X ability to read RPM allows the operator via the usi on a graph to set the Engine manufacturers max NM at set RPMs.  As the engine revs up more NMs become available.  The output of the alternator follows this curve.

Advanced Multi-P.I.D. Engine Control technology Ensures Accurate Charging

  • Regulation available to charge based on current, system loads and voltage.
  • Actively regulates to desired alternator temperature, rather than reacting after over-temperature condition occurs.
  • Regulation on battery temperature

The Pro X charges your batteries using five critical inputs Voltage, Current, Engine RPM, battery and Alternator temperature. The results are as follows:

  1. NMEA certified so critical information displayed on multiple devices including your chart plotter
  2. 50% field (output) reduction switch used in situations where the energy is needed by the prop(s)
  3. The operator sets the output to RPM in the usi on Auto small engine mode
  4. Remote assistance from the factory or your installer
  5. Software upgradable with enhancements
  6. Battery and alternator temperature sensing

EMAAX PRO X Specifications/Datasheet

Support Manual

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E-Maax Pro X Smart Regulator