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Yanmar Secondary Alternator Mounting Bracket Kits

Add a second Electromaax High Output Marine Alternator & save fuel plus eliminate the need for Generators.

Our Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits at a Glance

  • Permanent Solution to Belt Dust: ElectroMaax Serpentine Pulley Upgrade Kits provide are a lasting solution to belt dust buildup on boat engines.
  • Increased Alternator Output: These kits allow for a substantial increase in alternator output without risking damage to the engine or electrical system.
  • Compatibility with High-Output Alternators: Designed to work in conjunction with ElectroMaax High-Output Marine Alternators, ranging from 100 to 250 amps.
  • Wide Range of Engine Compatibility: Kits are developed for most Yanmar marine engines from the mid-1970s to current models and include a tensioning-arm for easy belt tensioning.
  • Amperage Increase and Fuel Savings: The upgrade nearly triples your alternator's amperage, reducing fuel consumption by 60%, leading to significant savings and a quick return on investment.
  • Extended Vessel Range: By reducing fuel consumption, the Serpentine Pulley Kits significantly increase the cruising range of the boat, allowing longer stays in remote locations.
  • Enhanced Performance and Durability: The serpentine 10-rib belt offers smooth operation and better traction, while the machined 6061 aluminum structure and corrosion-resistant anodizing ensure strength and longevity.

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